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The Chest Stretch

The chest muscle, otherwise known as the pectoral muscle, is a large, thick muscle that fans out from each arm to 3 points at the chest: The collar bone, the sternum, and the ribs, just below the breast bone. The Pecs help rotate the shoulders, are responsible for pushing, including throwing, and they also help …

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Kegel? What’s a Kegel?

Check out the article below that Kim Vopni, a certified Pre/Postnatal Fitness Consultant has written about Kegel’s and everything you need to know about how to or how not to do them! “The right way to do Kegels: Exercise like a jellyfish by KIM VOPNI Kegel (rhymes with bagel) are you doing them? If you …

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" Barby is a fitness guru committed to fitness and her clients' results...Barby utilizes different techniques for a full body workout, focusing on the core, rather than taking the easy way out and just putting her clients on treadmills or weight machines" -- Sarah S.

"...for over 8 years she continues to challenge me every week. Barby has genuine interest in my specific goals and communicates her vision on how to accomplish them." -- Ron S.

" Barby is the total fitness professional, she has the ability to customize her sessions based on her assessment and delivers results. I was so impressed with Barby I hired her to deliver personal fitness sessions for my wife." -- James M.

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