Fat Loss

Resolve To Have No Regrets!

It’s not uncommon that with a New Year comes a new start! Resolutions are the first things we begin to think about, “what to and what not to do”.  And when it comes to your eating habits, wanting to change them is traditionally one of the top 5 resolutions that we make.   I say, “Thumbs …

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6 Cooking Mistakes That Make You Fat

Some great points that Jessica Girdwain makes in her article, “6 Cooking Mistakes That Make You Fat”, over on Beachbody.com.   Check it out below… 6 Cooking Mistakes That Make You Fat By Jessica Girdwain Eating in is one of the best ways to get (and stay) slim. Cooking at home allows you to control …

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Flaxseeds – What Is That Little Seed All About Anyway?

It’s pretty amazing how such a small seed can pack such a big punch! Loaded with many health benefits, this little brown teardrop brings happiness to all who incorporate it into their diet. Studies have shown that consuming flaxseed can help lower “bad” cholesterol, stabilize blood sugar levels, and fight cancer, in particular breast and …

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20 Healthy Eating Principles

We’re now into the first week of 2016, and I’m certain like many others, you too have resolved to eat healthier in the New Year!   However, without having a “map” on how, you’ll soon find yourself resolving that you’re destined for the drive thru for the remainder of the year! Don’t despair! To help reach …

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Drinking and Your Waistline!

Ever wonder how alcohol effects your weight loss goals? As much fun as it is to enjoy a cocktail after work with colleagues, or throw back a couple of beers after the game, unfortunately alcoholic drinks are full of calories and low on nutrients! Did you know that when ingested alcohol metabolizes into sugar, which …

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Crazy for Coconut Oil!

What can you use in the bathroom, the kitchen, the garage, and the bedroom? Coconuts? Well, sort of!  Actually, extra-virgin, organic, unrefined, cold-pressed Coconut Oil! Yep, that’s right, Coconut Oil! Coconut oil has been shown to beautify your skin, boost metabolism, aid digestion, and it’s cholesterol free!  And yes, it is a saturated fat, but….it’s …

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How To Get Strong and Sexy Abs!

Everybody wants a great set of sexy looking abs! But how do you get them, you may ask? You do hundreds of sit ups, and the only 6-pack you can see are the ones in the beer store! The following are a few tips on how to get a great set of 6-Pack ABS: 1. …

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You Deserve to Be Healthy!

Have you ever said to yourself after having a “pig-out” weekend, “I’ll start my diet (again) on Monday”?  Then on Thursday you’ve “pigged out” again, only to feel defeated and out of control? Congratulations, you’re human!  And humans make mistakes!  Most of us have been there, including myself, where we lose all “control” only to go …

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How To Drink Without Gaining Weight!

For those of you who like to partake in a little nip here and there, but worry about the weight gaining aspect of having your “cake and eating it too”, this one’s for you! Check out this article over on Health.com on how to manage your alcohol intake while keeping your waist line intact! I’ll …

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Keep The Fire Burning!

Did you know that by eating more frequently, you speed up your metabolism? Meals that are eaten at regular intervals (every 3-4 hours), 4-5 times a day, that consist of a lean protein, a complex carbohydrate, and a healthy source of fat, keep your metabolism stoked!   Eating well balanced “compact” meals this way, instead …

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" Barby is a fitness guru committed to fitness and her clients' results...Barby utilizes different techniques for a full body workout, focusing on the core, rather than taking the easy way out and just putting her clients on treadmills or weight machines" -- Sarah S.

"...for over 8 years she continues to challenge me every week. Barby has genuine interest in my specific goals and communicates her vision on how to accomplish them." -- Ron S.

" Barby is the total fitness professional, she has the ability to customize her sessions based on her assessment and delivers results. I was so impressed with Barby I hired her to deliver personal fitness sessions for my wife." -- James M.

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