Program Coordination Services

Fitness Program Coordination Services

You’ve got the equipment, you have the administrative tools, but without the programs, you don’t have the glue that brings it all together.

Our team of experts will help coordinate and facilitate the various different programs that answer’s the needs of your members — we will help motivate and educate your employees to better health through the following:

You don’t need to get bogged down with the worry of which programs to implement when!  We will recommend and coordinate just the right incentives to keep your employees happy, healthy, and your company wealthy!

Being proactive and deciding to create an employee health and wellness program in your workplace takes innovation and leadership!

Lead your company beyond its potential by letting us show you how making one small investment in the health of your employees, will yield you bigger returns on the health of our company — returns that will exceed your own expectations!

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" Barby is a fitness guru committed to fitness and her clients' results...Barby utilizes different techniques for a full body workout, focusing on the core, rather than taking the easy way out and just putting her clients on treadmills or weight machines" -- Sarah S.

"...for over 8 years she continues to challenge me every week. Barby has genuine interest in my specific goals and communicates her vision on how to accomplish them." -- Ron S.

" Barby is the total fitness professional, she has the ability to customize her sessions based on her assessment and delivers results. I was so impressed with Barby I hired her to deliver personal fitness sessions for my wife." -- James M.

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